All Acrow Props & Trench Struts supplied by Construction Products Online carry full manufacture and test certification in line with the requirements of BS4074 & BS5507 – This means we hold the full level of certification to the relevant standards and can issue this upon request.

Sadly not all suppliers out there do this and sell products which is only endorsed by single load tests which isn’t enough to fulfil the requirements and in the event of a failure this could void the users insurance.

This is what you should expect:

– There should be a separate report for each prop which are around six pages long each.

– This report should indicate the number of props tested which should be a significant number in each adjustment height available.

– These results are then analysed by structural engineers to calculate if the conform with the requirements of BS5507.

Do not be fooled by the results of a simple, one off load test – this simply does not fulfil the criteria and leaves the user open to failure and potential liability.

The correct certification costs tens of thousands of pounds, hence why backstreet importers attempt to get away with these insufficient load tests – don’t be fooled.

Construction Products Online guarantee the best price on Acrow Props and will match and beat any quotation – Give us a try, you will not be disappointed.